Niche Resources
Your Guide to Conducting Independent Research Projects

You probably have already done a research project and did not even realize it. I was first introduced to how to do research in high school, so after finding what worked best for me, I wanted to share my process to make the project less daunting and more fun. 

I Found My Niche at Central State University

One of the reasons I chose to become a Marauder is because it is close to my home in Cincinnati, OH. It’s also an HBCU and we love those! When I visited, it truly felt like home.

What I Learned My Freshman Year

Going to college introduced me to a new way of life. College allows you to have control over your choices and leaves you to deal with the consequences of such choices. Here are a few things I learned from my first year of college.

I Found My Niche at Columbus State Community College

I plan to start my college courses this upcoming fall, and I couldn’t be more excited! I’m incredibly grateful for the doors that Columbus State has opened for me, and I plan to use these opportunities to better myself and my community and ultimately make the world a better place.

I Found My Niche at Fayetteville State University

My decision to attend Fayetteville State University was because of the outstanding social work program. I wanted to be a part of a community where I can be taught how to better others in mild and extreme environments. I know by being here, I will be taught the best way to make a difference!⁠⁠

I Found My Niche at Kennesaw State University

It is so surreal that I am graduating from college, especially during a global pandemic. It has been quite a journey, from deciding to attend Kennesaw State University as a Political Science major to joining my sorority Gamma Phi Beta to now sending out graduation announcements.

I Found My Niche at Hampton University

My journey through Hampton has not been a walk in the park but in every obstacle, I have learned valuable lessons that will take me through life. Hampton is a very energetic university but still very much intelligent.

I Found My Niche at the University of California – San Diego

Being a first-generation college student can be difficult, especially when a barrier such as COVID-19 restricts you from joining organizations or participating in events (in-person), but UCSD has given me many opportunities to become involved on campus.