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Dear First Generation Student…

Dear First-Generation College Student… You belong. Hear it straight from a first-gen and international student that, yes, you can do this.

I Found My Niche at the University of Delaware

With all the opportunities available to learn, insightful classes, and amazing people that I met, I feel as if I catapulted myself development-wise far beyond where I imagined being 5 years ago.

I Found My Niche at Louisiana State University

…As soon as I got here I quickly realized that this was where I belonged. In the short amount of time I’ve been at LSU, I have been able to build amazing new friendships and obtain life-changing opportunities.

These 5 Tips Can Help You Earn Millions in Scholarship Money

Millions of dollars in scholarship money is waiting to be claimed. With these 5 helpful admissions essay tips—doled out by a Princeton undergrad who earned more than $2 million in awards—you too can be on your way to earning and enjoying a debt-free education.

Dream Big & Go to the Same School as a U.S. President

Kind of a weird flex, but consider getting your degree from the same school as Jimmy Carter, William Taft or Barack Obama. Here’s a comprehensive list of colleges and universities where U.S. presidents have earned their degrees.

I Found My Niche at Carnegie Mellon University

I knew CMU was the right choice because of its interdisciplinary nature— it offers a conservatory-style music program, but it also leaves room for its students to explore and pursue interests in other departments within the school!