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The Parent’s Guide to Private Schools

Explore the world of private schools in our comprehensive guide. Learn about the different types, advantages, potential disadvantages, and more to make an informed decision about your child’s education.

What Type of K-12 School is Right for Your Child?

Looking for the right K-12 school for your child? Our blog post guides parents through key considerations such as personal values, your child’s needs, age, learning styles, and finances, to help determine the best educational environment for them.

How to Pay for College: A Guide for Parents

As a parent, the thought of college expenses can be overwhelming, but with the right understanding and approach, paying for college can be manageable and less stressful for the whole family.

Debunking the 3 Biggest Myths About Princeton University

Having spent nearly three semesters there already, I’ve had my fair share of conversations with non-Princetonians about my experiences there, and I have to say, being such a famous university, there are a lot of outside perspectives on Princeton that aren’t quite reflective of how Princeton truly is.

How to Choose the Right K-12 School for Your Child

Every parent wants the best for their child, especially when it comes to their education. With so many different types of K-12 schools available, the task of selecting the right one can feel daunting — but we have a few pointers to make it easier for you. In this post, we’ll dive into the essential aspects you should consider to ensure your child has a school experience tailored to their unique needs and potential.