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All About Being a Teacher Assistant in College

As a TA, you will act as a licensed educator’s shadow by assisting them in their classes. You will be responsible for carrying out a variety of tasks such as creating and grading students’ assignments, instructing classes in place of the professor, and providing feedback to students, etc.

5 Untraditional Ways to Make Money in College

As a college student, money-spending opportunities are abundant, but funds can often be lacking. Every college student could use a couple of extra bucks between tuition, Uber, apartment deposits, and late-night Target trips.

How to Find Internships as a Business Major

Because of this, it often becomes overwhelming to choose which specific path you want to take. The best way to figure this out is through obtaining an internship during your college experience.

I Found My Niche at University of Akron

First things first is that UA gave me the MOST scholarships to go to school. I attended a Summer program 2 weeks after graduating HS and I’ve been enjoying my time ever since.